Must-have to make CAPSULE WARDROBE

Dressing well is an art that every man would like to acquire. Whether you follow trends or prefer classic options, there are few basic items that are a must-have in every man’s closet. Of course, not every man has the essential pieces but however, after you have had the right items together, building the right wardrobe is easy. So let’s build a capsule wardrobe for your painless effort.

1. Blue jeans

Washed or raw, blue jeans will always be in trend, and so in the wardrobe. Perfect for all colors and styles, this gives the most casual look (… first choice). You can pick your favored blue shade for your wardrobe. Now you have many options within jeans like slim fit or distressed or low waist. Don’t feel awkward to have only blue jeans (my handpicked jeans are only blue washed, and I don’t care what people think……). For more details on jeans, you can have a sneak-peak in my blogDenim-O-Holic”.


2. Polo T-shirt

A cup of tea that all closets will have. Blues and greys will surely work for 365 days, without a doubt. You can team up with jeans, chinos, joggers, shorts, and even trousers. You can also formally use them by matching with a formal pants and blazer. 


3. Blue suit set

A set of tailored stitch blazer or coat with tailored stitch trousers. Blues will never ever give up on men, so true. Your wardrobe will always be empty if you don’t plan to keep a pair of suit set of your desired blue shade. This blue set will grab any color from the color chart and pull off any event you plan to attend.


4. White shirt

When you are stuck in an exhaustible situation like urgent meetings, and you don’t know what to pick, white shirts will always give you the stress-free support. You should have at least 4-5 patterned white shirts in your wardrobe. If you want, you can also carry one with you, for emergencies.


5. Watch

Watches are something that cannot be separated from men’s life (….it keeps a tab on their behavior). If not a regular wearer, you can still add brown strap analogue watches and metallic grey-yellow gold chain watch to make the closet manlier. Having 4-5 different watches is not a big deal for your wardrobe. If not every day, but for some specific events you can add it as an accessory. 


6. Tie

It is a bridge between casual office look and formal office look. It presents you more smart and formal. In morning, if you are too lazy to tie up your own tie, you can have bow tie or ready made neck tie. At the most, even if you are not a very big fan of ties, you can at least make some space for black and red. I’m not a very big fan of ties, still have 1 or 2 for at most urgency, what about you……


7. Wallet

They are like undergarments, without which men feel empty (but they usually don’t keep it empty…..). A shade of brown is a must in your closet. Unlike casual, formal wallets are long and slim, preferably made for coats and blazers. 


8. Belt

Trousers feel lonely without belts but sometimes they go. But if you ever plan to have, you should go for matte black and tan brown, and make your level best to introduce your trousers.


9. Sunglasses 

They are the medium of SWAG. They are the life; oops sorry, look supporter. Sexiness, spunkiness, classy, all comes from them, don’t you agree. All wardrobe should have at least transparent brown and opaque black sunglasses. I guess this is something you don’t need to be reminded.


10. Socks 

Again this is completely optional, as nowadays instead of long length socks, many prefer to go with ankle length or hidden socks, or sometimes without socks. But in case you are planning to put on, keep in mind that your socks must be one shade lighter than trousers or one shade darker than your shoes. Greys and blues always come in handy.


11. White sneakers

Why White? Because it is a neutral color and all the closet will have at least one pair of it, what? You have more than one pair, then that’s a thumbs up. It basically clears your confusion when you have more or less options, or sometimes no options.


12. Dress shoes

They are the ones who gives you a whole new look, even though whatever you wear. They take you to different places so keep it in mind to give them some (grand) space in your wardrobe. If you are still confused on how many to have, just don’t go around and buying, but instead keep a pair of brown or black oxford shoes, which will go with any attire.

It is must needed to know what all you need to decorate your wardrobe, instead of buying unnecessary things that you won’t even keep a tab on. 

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